Personal Image Coaching is a process of orientation in obtaining the image you want to transmit. If you want to change your image, to feel better with your body, to look different, image coaching will help you in that transformation and will bring you closer to that image you want for yourself.

The image is important, many times we do not have the opportunity to give second impressions and we only have the first one, and in that time you should take advantage of it. However, the proposal regarding the work of the personal image is the inner inquiry about what you want to show the world, what you want people to see when they look at you, bringing consistency between your interior and your exterior.

Personal Image Coaching will allow you to analyze the internal image that you have of yourself and to think and clarify the idea that you want to transmit to the world of your deepest self. In this way you will gain confidence, authenticity and security in yourself and your abilities.

Self-knowledge and setting up the message.

Identifies major changes.

Get started!

  • The sessions are individual, confidential and with a periodicity that can vary according to the availability of the client, being recommended once a week.
  • Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Mark a session to clarify doubts, assess your situation and help you decide if coaching is appropriate for your case. This session lasts 30 minutes and is free.


Individual Sessions: € 60 / Hour
8 Sessions Pack: € 440 (€ 55 / Hour)
12 Sessions Pack: € 600 (€ 59 / Hour)

(All prices include car journeys until 20 Km. For longes distances ask value.)

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