What is said about us?

Thanks to Raquel I have beaten the blockage of thinking “what will I wear?!” or “What will I pack?!!”.
We made a Closet’s Makeover, which we discarded all that didn’t suit me, and kept all that really made me feel comfortable and looked good on me. After this, with a small investment, we completed the wardrobe.Since then, I pack very fast, without anxiety and knowing that I carry all that I need and when I wear it, I am pleased with my looking. Rachel has helped me to define a style that works for me. Thanks. Now let´s go for the summer style!

Psycologits, 44

Leaving me in your hands has meant leave me in the best hands.
Hands that work with passion, wisdom, and experience. And these things are transmitted. Now I am confident when I make myself up, I know what suits me, the steps I should follow and the products I should use. I only can’t tell you … thanks.

Teacher, 42

I have had a fruitful and very nice experience with Rachel,  moreover a funny one!

Normally I do not like shopping but I need it because of my job and social life.  Rachel could make out of  shopping a joyful time.  She connected immediately with me and understood my tastes and needs. She polished my style and showed me some looks, which help me when attending professional meetings or social events. She created for me a basic wardrobe, that I use constantly. Rachel arranged it removing clothes that I was not wearing and  assembled pieces that suited me well.  In addition, she taught me some makeup tips and  skin care, all that make my mornings less stressful.

Thanks Raquel! You have made my life easier!

Lawyer, 47 

Before going shopping Raquel did a color test for me and It was surprising! Colors that I have never imagine to wear suited me perfect!  The case was tha with some clothes people used to say: How beautiful are you today! I thought it was the outfit, but actually,it was the color.

Now I have only clothes with the colors that favor me.

Entrepreneur, 41 

 GLAM by Kell’s experience has been a positive experience from the very beginning.  I have never used an image consulting’s service before because I was wrongly thinking it was “a girl’s matter” .…nothing could be further from the truth ! Raquel Vieco has helped me through her competence and conviviality but most of all through her ability to listen and understand  my needs.  Thus, she has  given me the better advices and has gone with me through all the process, I have gained confidence and well-being in both my personal and professional life. I highly  recommend GALM by Kell’s consulting services!

 Business Manager, 49

Coaching helps immensely to find out who we are and what we really want. It is an eye-opener for life. Everything has a solution and we can overcome anything. The answer is withing us. We just need someone to help us get here. Therefore, if you are lost in any important aspect of your life, and you think there´s no turning around, a Life Coach, especially Rachel, is exactly you need. My experience was 5 stars. I really loved it!!!

Maria Carita
 Student, 19

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