Our image has a strong communication power, it talks about us. So, it is important to pay attention to the details shaping it

Glam by Kell’s goal is bringing you success. A good image’s quality is more than looking handsome or fashion, it goes beyond the mere attraction. It must convey the qualities which make us singular and so, contribute with our social, personal and professional success.

We know that many men don´t like shopping, and generally they expend too much without make out the best of their purchases. We are her to help you, and teach you to buy well without stress.

We will teach you about your body type and the design’s lines more suitable for you. You will know the colors and the combinations that most agree with your style. You will know what shoes are right for each outfit and occasion.

When buying, you will find out that not always paying a lot means buying well. We teach you to make a shopping plan that will allow you to have a flexible and efficient wardrobe!!!

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