In today’s business world, presenting a good image is mandatory. It must convey credibility and conviction, this is fundamental to inspire confidence and build up leadership and power. A poor image can close many doors.

GLAM by Kell offers Corporate Image Consulting Programs addressed to businessmen, professionals, and corporations.


When employees’ image is in agreement with that of the company, then it is easy for your clients to trust in what the firm can do for them

Any organization benefits when its employees and co-workers have good communication skills and seem self-confident, respectful and proactive. Thus, our advisory service stresses the role of a positive image in company’s values communication.

But image is not a static concept, it encompasses body language and protocol knowledge. Besides the right clothes, manners convey to the position and so to the company a positive image.

During our work with your staff, we will share knowledge and activities related the fundamentals of image and communication. In a short time, you will notice significant changes in your team.

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GLAM by Kell aims to help its clients to develop their image, not only by assisting them to find the right dress code but also by giving them advice about communication and protocol.

Spontaneity, coherence, and sense of opportunity are essential values that one should enhance in order to take advantage of our personal impact. Consistency between behavior and look seems to be very appreciated in today’s business world. At every role in the organizational hierarchy, the key is to fit image and position.

Several business owners estimate a candidate at a glance for his manners and attitudes during the first interview. That means you have generally only one chance to convey the message you want.

So, because first impressions are of the most importance, we will assist you to make a good one in the first job’s interview. We will advise you about key features in communicating a trustable and harmonic image.

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Image’s Power

Business’ Courtesy

Business’ Etiquette

Casual Friday

Professional Courtesy

Body Language

Workshops on body types, chromatic coordination, and image role in communication, among others.

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