Did you know that there are colors that can destroy your visual and others that can enlighten and even rejuvenate you? Do you know what is a color analysis?

We put our colored scarves next to the face and analyze what is the color palette that best matches your skin tone and hair. And more important, what qualities of image you transmit with each one of the colors.

When a color feels good we get great benefits… our skin looks brighter, the eyes shine more, the color of the hair intensifies…

Get the best out of your face with this custom color test!!!

Give this service and you will be surprised!

We advise you how to match colors and how to pick the right ones for each outfit.

Color’s world can stimulate different and singular sensations in people. We teach you to use colors according to the event and the image you want to convey.

This service can be complemented with a makeup session using the colors that look better with your skin and hair.

We will give you a personalized chromatic palette.

The service is available for men and women.


€ 60 + iva / 1 Hour

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